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Structure your archives with the best methodologies and processes

The digitization of services has brought the need to apply methodologies that organize and classify the information generated and stored internally – a challenge for both public and private organizations.

Discover services that structure document management and organize your archives according to regulatory and privacy standards.

Structure your archives with the best methodologies and processes

Unify processes, reinforce security, and access analytical dashboards

Handling spreadsheets and other separate solutions makes process monitoring difficult and does not allow managers to have a complete view of the work.

Our digital transformation solutions map and automate all physical processes, digitizing workflow and providing analytical and monitoring dashboards.

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Unify processes, reinforce security, and access analytical dashboards
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Standardize your information flow and automate processes

  • Information classification

    Services related to the diagnosis, production, and organization of archival instruments for public and private organizations.

    At Ikhon, we customize instruments according to the organization’s legal personality, taking into account archival standards and global quality standards.


    Information classification offerings
  • Digital transformation

    Mapping and process automation projects, creating a service portal and electronic document management system.

    The digital services created by Ikhon comply with archival and information security regulations, as well as user data privacy and protection standards.


    Digital transformation offerings
  • Organize the knowledge

    Production of Archival Instruments

    Development of the classification plan and retention schedule, archival instruments used to categorize the entire collection and establish deadlines for the use, storage, and disposal of documents.

  • Outsource Processes

    Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for Documents

    Rely on our team of experts to perform the entire diagnostic process and development of archival instruments for the organization, as well as execute routines for document use, storage, and disposal.

  • Create and Automate Tasks

    Process Mapping and Automation

    Process Mapping and Automation Structure and understand all processes executed in the organization, digitize workflow, eliminate manual and repetitive tasks, and gain access to a wealth of data that aids in decision-making.

  • Digitize Documentation

    Electronic Document Management

    Unify all document management within the organization in a single system and enhance the work done, using features such as digital signatures and integration with external databases. In addition, ensure data security and privacy features.


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